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Author Shares His Private Scrapbook

I want to take time out to tell you about the exciting new document I have put together for my readers. It is My Private Scrapbook and it is chocked full of my private background material for my books and articles including sketches of the characters, diagrams and floor plans for the scenes, between the lines information, personal stories about me, the process of writing, and anecdotes from research and field trips.

This is the book supplement that I often wish I could have when reading books by my favorite authors. And the good news is IT’S FREE!

Just subscribe and you can download the document containing approximately fifty pages of my private notes, sketches, diagrams, and behind the scenes stories.

I even share private stories and peeks into my private life. And did I mention that it is FREE?

The document also contains exclusive notes on future novels and stories.

Is this something you might be interested in? Watch this video that describes the scrapbook in more detail.

To get your copy, look for the picture of the scrapbook in the top, right corner (in the panel), on any page of the website.

Wado (thank you),

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