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The Cherokee Chronicles
This 7-book series chronicles the lives of a fictional Cherokee family through several generations starting in ancient times and with each new generation, advances through the classic period, the European exploration, colonization, and eventually westward expansion and relocation . Although the characters are fictional, the events and experiences are true to the Cherokee culture through the eyes of a typical Cherokee family.
The First Raven Mocker
“Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! 

“Here is a new novel which offers us a rare glimpse into the ancient world of Cherokee wizards. Set in a timeless aboriginal past, the First Raven Mocker is a coming of age story which follows a young Indian boy’s quest to learn the fine art of black magic. Along the way, he encounters witches, sorcerers, and man-eating giants. However, as the reader soon learns, this is the archetypal Hero’s journey with a twist.


“Courtney Miller has created an imaginative adventure tale, one which captures the ethos of Cherokee folklore and myth.” 

–Alan Kilpatrick, Professor, American Indian Studies, San Diego State University.   Author of “The Night Has A Naked Soul” 

This book has received multiple awards for Historical Fiction.

The Raven Mocker's Legacy


"This story takes a winding path through prehistory that could have been real. It is a

fiction that has numerous actual components. The characters represent a dichotomy of

personalities from dreadfully dependent to feverishly psycho. He includes descriptions of

striking native beauty while peaking our interest, page after page, in a magical story

beyond compare."

--KT “Hutke” Fields, Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel, Principal Chief Natchez Nation


Book Excellence Award for Literary Excellence


Gihli, The Chief Named Dog


"His Characters seem real to us because Miller took the time to do extensive research about indigenous Native Americans."

--KT “Hutke” Fields, Uvcenv Cunv Uvsel, Principal Chief Natchez Nation


This volume takes the reader into an ancient Cherokee village long at peace, threatened by war.  Feel the tensions, experience the competition of the games and the agonies of love.


2015 Draft to Dream Book Competition



Ludwig's Fugue


A cunningly crafted mystery.  Take a triple homicide in a small, Colorado mountain town, add a cast of intriguing characters—almost none of whom is completely innocent—and you have Ludwig’s Fugue.  Courtney Miller sets this terrific plot into motion and doesn’t let up until the final, spine-tingling surprise. 

-- Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author of Winter’s Child




White Feather Mysteries


This new series of murder mysteries features White Feather (the Raven Mocker from the Cherokee Chronicles series) in a modern, rural mountain setting.  Sometimes teaming up with a lovable, eccentric group of old geezers, the Sleuthkateers, White Feather matches wits with Deputy Sam Morrison and the local sheriff’s office staff.  This series combines humor, intrigue,  and twisting plots to produce page turning stories for a cozy evening.




Book Launch Video
"A barrel of laughs," "Very entertaining," "It was fun" ...
It's About Time


I thoroughly enjoyed It’s About Time …


"Get ready for a laugh-filled caper in Courtney Miller’s It’s About Time, an excellent new entry in the field of geezer-lit mysteries.  Ex-homeless man, Frank Roberts, teams with four other geezers to form the Sleuthkateers to solve the case of a poisoning death in a retirement home."

--Mike Befeler, author of The Tesla Legacy and the Paul Jacobson Geezer-lit Mystery Series.




Ghosts of St. Jude
Ghosts of St. Jude

"A mystery that wll keep readers guessing about the truth until the ending. ... The writing is clear with many short chapters and good subheads to enable fluid reading. The dialogue, including good use of interior monologue, is credible and convincing.

--Writer's Digest



Murder on Royal Gorge Express Cover.jpg
Murder on the Royal Gorge Express
The Columbine Caper

The prestigious Columbine Ladies Club decides to celebrate their 100th anniversary and Sheriff Bailey and wife Pennie just want to get away for the day. But they do not anticipate the surprises that await them on the famous Royal Gorge Express train.

All aboard for a fast-paced, fun packed mystery adventure full of laughs, twists, excitement, danger--even tender and heart-warming moments.


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