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What's Next?

I am always working on multiple books

Harley Promo 001.jpg

Harley, Realizing the Dream, is a joint project with my brother, Mack Miller. Mack came up with the concept and asked me to help him write a movie script. 

Well, I know nothing about writing movie scripts but asked him if I could write a novel instead. He agreed and we have been collaborating on the manuscript since.

The early manuscript was a Finalist in the Draft to Dream Book Competition in 2017.

We hope to have it published in 2021-2022.

Nunda - Warrior Priest.jpg

The 4th book in the Cherokee Chronicles is coming along and should be ready for 2022 release.

This is the story of Alihelitsidasdi's son, the great, great grandson of the Raven Mocker.

Born into the Anigilohi (Long Hair) clan, he is expected to go into the priesthood. But growing up, Nunda yearns to be a warrior like his father.

He disappoints his clan early by proving to be a great strategist and a brave warrior.

Will he become a priest and realize his destiny? Or disappoint and discrace his family?

While the Nighthawk Hunts.jpg

In this, the 5th White Feather Mystery, White Feather illuminates the secrets lurking in the darkness. while his colleagues fumble their way through the night.

Book 5 6 7.jpg

I am putting together the stories for the last three books of the Cherokee Chronicles series.


The working title for Book 5 is "Savages" and is set when the Conquistador De Soto came through the Cherokee Nation in the 16th century and kidnapped a Cherokee Beloved Woman.

Book 6, "Noble Savages" is set in the era of George Washington when the Cherokee and the other Native Americans were expected to to adopte and integrate into the European-style culture of the new United States of America.

Book 7, "Disenfranchised", tells the story of a Cherokee family that anticipated and avoided the Trail of Tears only to be disenfranchised by their tribe.

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